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Click Here to Watch the Whole Video in HD at Gear Action features twinks strapping on fire, police, medical and construction gear. They lick, suck, fuck and cum in their authentic helmets, kneepads, uniform, jocks, scrubs, holsters and kevlar.

Roadside Assistance

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Category: Fetish
  • Published: August 31, 2009
  • Views: 11394
  • Time: 03:10

Description: Lance is only a few years older than the schoolboys who study in his college town, but he's a rough daddy... he knows that he's got what those smooth twinks want: the shaved head, the facial hair, and the rugged manliness that make the college boys yell, "Damn, daddy, slap your cock on my face! Shoot your jizz on my face!" "But we're getting ahead of ourselves here... Lance likes to cruise the local bars for fresh meat each spring. With the warmth of the springtime, more college boys venture out of their dorm-rooms for a walk downtown to get tanked. Tonight, Lance is struck by a skinny, brown-haired student from across the bar, one who's eyeing him with boyish puppy eyes. After a few drinks, the boy notices the man's jeans are bulging more than ever, and he takes a deep gulp of his brew... When Lance brings the dude home, the boy is fascinated by Lance's construction uniform. Putting on the man's hard hat, the college boy gets a little hard himself...he feels naughty, like he's sniffing the dirty underwear of the football captain who's away at gym practice... "You like that?" Lance startles him as he puts his strong hand on the boy's shoulder. "Then try on this," and he throws his construction uniform over the boy's stunned face. "Good, good," Lance whispers as he rubs the boy's shoulders, encouraging him to slide into the gear. Then, right there in the stairwell, Lance shoves the dude to his knees, unzips his own fly, lets his thick rod flop out of his tight pants, and shoves his throbbing prick in the startled kid's hungry mouth. Lance leans back and grunts, enjoying the boy's wet lips as they slide up and down the shaft of his cock. He unzips his heavy jacket to reveal a leather harness underneath, then drops his pants to reveal his leather briefs. As the daddy leans over the boy with a devilish look in his eye, he catches a glimpse of fear in the student's fresh face. Lance knows this nervous look well, and it only means one thing... So Lance slaps the kid across the back and pulls the boy's pants down to his ankles..

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