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Ocelot in Bottom's Up

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Category: Hunks
Tags: Porn Stars
  • Published: February 19, 2010
  • Views: 9351
  • Time: 01:00

Description: When I first met Ocelot he looked me directly in eyes and introduced himself. Immediately his gazed dropped and he checked out my goods. From that point forward it was all about my cock, and if I would have let him he would have skipped the paperwork and introduction video and jumped right on my cock. When I did take off my shorts for the first time and joined him on the bed, immediately he went down on me. 'Whoa, boy, we'll get to that.' So in the beginning of the video, when I'm feeling his arms and abs, it took everything in his power to behave. I'm not cruel. I cock fed him soon enough, but only a taste so he knew what would soon be pounding his ass. I can't remember exactly, but I think I pretty much started with two fingers while finger fucking him, and within no time had all of my fingers and thumb in his ass. I got it up to my knuckles and was just about to push through that threshold and plunge my hand inside when we stopped. Edging on the cusp of hard core kink! It was fun! Then we fucked, and let me tell you that banging Ocelot was the most amazing ass ride I've taken so far. He bucked and gyrated and thrust against me unlike any of the other guys. It was hot! Afterward he blew me, and although a couple of the guys in past videos have been close getting me off orally, Ocelot was the first. Either he has an amazing mouth, or the stars were aligned that night. No matter, I blew my load in his mouth and on his face. The oral gratification was a catch-22. I wasn't supposed to orgasm until I fucked the cum out of him. It is what it is, and I toy-fucked a load from that hot little stud instead.

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