Vinnie D'Angelo & Logan McCree - Gay Porn - Video: 37119

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Vinnie D'Angelo & Logan McCree

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Category: Big Muscles
  • Published: February 24, 2010
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  • Time: 02:02

Description: When I first saw Logan McCree burst onto the scene in the DVD Ink Storm, I had no idea that I'd have this hot hunk fucking in my studio. Not in my wildest dreams. The thing I loved the most about Logan McCree in that first video was his sensuality. I don't know how he does it, but he has unbelievable chemistry with everyone he plays with on film. So when Vinnie D'Angelo and Logan McCree had a stopover in London on their way to a porn star event in Europe, I jumped at the chance to get these men into my studio. I really wanted to see this tattooed man in action. I've filmed Vinnie D'Angelo for Butch Dixon before and he's also one of my faves - handsome, masculine, and nicely hung. But now these two men are lovers in real life, so I wondered how to best show them off. So we came up with this erotic massage theme. Vinnie lies down on Logan's massage table, Vinnie is naked except for his jockstrap. Logan oils up Vinnie's back and goes to work. This part of the scene is long, lingering, and sensual, so you get a good sense of not only how good the massage is for Vinnie, but how good Vinnie's body feels under Logan's hands. I loved filming it. It was real - sensual. Of course one things leads to another, as they do in porn videos and Logan fucks Vinnie. It was such a turn-on to watch. Vinnie has mostly topped in my video viewing history, so this was awesome having this sexy, masculine man gets his ass pumped in my studio. But my favourite part of the whole scene was when Vinnie was fucking Logan. Vinnie was between Logan's legs and Logan was on his back; as Vinnie is fucking Logan, he grabs Logan's stiff cock. And Vinnie really plays with Logan's cock and foreskin. He holds Logan's cock in one hand and slides a finger under his foreskin and rolls it around Logan's sensitive cock head. He does this over and over again, and I'm just loving this foreskin action, all the while, Vinnie is gently pistoning Logan's hole. It's just one of those hot moments that you never want to end. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

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