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These sexy boys really live and work in the Caribbean and Pacific Islands! Watch the models as they are being photographed for the first time naked and jerking it.

Owen Michaels Returns

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Description: Veteran Porn Star & Life Long Muscle Jock, Owen Michaels is back and Island Studs has got him - Totally Unplugged, revealing the REAL Owen Michaels: confident, smiling, joking and bluntly telling private personal stories, in his own words, about the nickname He was called in 5th Grade, His favorite body soap, His entry into the Adult Business at just 19, His Favorite Porn Star he fucked, His favorite cock he sucked, His painful Bottoming Gang Bang scene and who He likes to fuck privately, off camera in his real life. In this Exclusive new video, Island Studs delivers 4 things young Horny Owen has NEVER be filmed doing: Pissing not once but two times, Pumping Iron fully naked with a his throbbing boner slapping against his thick thighs and shooting Explosive streams of cum that land not only on his cute boyish face but also directly into his open mouth before cleaning and scrubbing his FEET in the shower for the first time on film! And in over 70+ films, this young Porn Legend NEVER been photographed sporting his real natural untrimmed body hair: a FULL BUSH of ginger dick hair surrounding his always rock hard cock, a perfect patch of strawberry blond chest hair between his beautiful pecs and an equally furry belly and Happy Trail from his yummy navel down to his bushy ginger cock! This little Island Stud has ever looked better and more yummy in his life! Now 23, standing just 5'5", and a tanky 180lbs of pure muscle, Owen Michaels still has a perfectly sculpted body with impressive 17" Biceps, big back muscles, and that popular amazing massive bubble butt which he opens WIDE with both hands 3 times in this HOT new video! This special film of Bodybuilder Owen Michaels is a unique, spontaneous behind the scenes conversation and dirty nasty stroke session with masculine ripped former Porn Star in the sunny Pacific Northwest where he now lives a very private life. He arrives wearing a Big Fat wrist watch and his real street clothes: super tight skinny jeans that grip is thick athletic thighs and grab his BIG MUSCLE BUBBLE BUTT and a skin tight red gym tank top.

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