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Austin and Dustin

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Category: Fetish
  • Published: April 1, 2010
  • Views: 28399
  • Time: 09:15

Description: I am excited! We finally get Freaky Twink aka Dustin and Fallout Boy aka Austin together for an ass licking good time. I have wanted to get these two together for ages, and now it is happening. I had been hearing some things about our Freaky Twink before the shoot and I asked him about it. When I told Freaky Twink that the guys were saying he was following them around asking them if he could suck their piss that he was stating why are you wasting it, He denied it all of course, little freak. I told him that his Halloween costume was a urinal which made even Fallout Boy laugh. He stated he dressed up as a pet cemetery, how freaky is that. I asked them how their night went, and Austin tells me that he got a bit tied up, and then he states not literally tied up just bound and fucked. He missed watching enchanted as he came 3 times last nite, he states he is ready to roll again today though. Dustin said he found a new out of the closet guy. He found him on the naked beach and made him get naked on the beach. Then he fucked him again today before the shoot. Dustin is a bad influence on people that is for sure, but he states he might be bad but it's good. At this point I told them to go for it, and they began some long French kisses that really turned them on. Those boys know how to kiss and it definitely shows in this video. You can't hold Freaky Twink back though, and he literally jumps on Austin's hard cock. I love how Austin keeps his pubs. He keeps them trimmed nice and neat, but leaves enough hair to look manly. Dustin likes it to and really gives Austin a great cock sucking. Austin can't handle much more and pulls down the freak's pants to get to his hard cock and gobbles that dick right down. Dustin takes a break to pull off his pants so they are both naked now. Then Austin goes back to sucking on Dustin's cock. He even strokes his own cock a bit as he eats Dustin's. Dustin leans back moaning slightly as he enjoys Austin's cock sucking skills. He soon has Dustin on his backside legs spread as he dips his tongue deep inside to soak that ass with spit. He is still jerking his cock as Dustin moans from all this great ass and tongue action. Dustin turns Austin around and licks his tight ass while Austin strokes his dick, and it isn't long until that boy is moaning out his pleasure as well. That cock looks great as he jerks it with Dustin's tongue up his ass. They really loved licking those asses and Dustin climbs on board to shove his ass into Austin's face as he gobbles down his dick. I think Dustin liked the way that Austin's face felt against his ass. They continue to lick and suck until they can't stand it anymore. Austin slides a rubber on his cock and Dustin applies some lube and then crawls farther down his body to ride that hard cock. He gets that dick in his ass without any problems and starts to ride that meat like a cowboy without the spurs, but if truth be known, I bet both these boys would have loved having them. Austin turns him around and begins to fuck him missionary style, Dustin loves that and is moaning like mad as he strokes his cock to Austin's fuck beat. Austin is really tearing up Dustin's tight ass and he loves it he starts to stroke faster and he explodes a huge wad of cum on his stomach as Austin pulls out and begins to stroke his own cock. Austin strokes and jerks until he moans and covers Dustin's stomach with his own load of cum. I didn't keep the boys around long after this because it was a zillion degrees with all the lamps in the room.

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