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Darren forcibly groped and snogged

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Category: Fetish
  • Published: October 10, 2009
  • Views: 21614
  • Time: 02:36

Description: Exhausted and broken from his exercise ordeal, Darren is now totally helpless. Duct taped to a chair, he looks on in horror as we begin toying with him, slowly groping our way down towards his vulnerable privates. As we maul his hot young body and flaccid prick, Darren shouts out in anger, struggling in vain to break free from his tight bondage. But when he makes the mistake of calling us "dirty queers", Stan decides to punish him with a long, hard snog. Darren almost throws up in disgust as Stan's probing tongue invades his unwilling straight mouth, making him splutter and gag. With Darren's arse conveniently accessible under our specially designed chair, I can't resist sliding my finger into his tight little hole, brushing past the soft hair and tense sphincter to feel his warm guts. Darren sobs in protest, and the more he tries to resist our attentions, the more I feel his resistant anus clench around my finger. But the real torment hasn't even begun. Darren's mental anguish is about to become a hundred times worse - we order him to get hard... and cum for us. Of course, the resistant little shit claims he "can't get hard for us". But I believe there's no such word as "can't" - you just need to provide the right motivation. And a cattle prod aimed at his defenceless dick does just the job. The terrified straight boy jumps out of his skin, realising how real the threat is. Darren stares at his soft cock in dismay as we start to wank him, hard or not. But soon the straight boy's dick stiffens in our hands - and we're taking turns jerking him off while freely roaming our hands over his firm young body and fingerfucking his twitching arsehole. Darren hangs his head in silent shame as we masturbate his hard cock, extracting our selfish pleasures from his humiliation and vulnerability. Unable to protest, he cringes at our touch, closing his eyes and wishing he was anywhere but here. As Darren's trecherous prick shoots its load, his tearful face shows no enjoyment, just pure embarassment. I catch the creamy white spunk in my hand and hold it to his mouth, and Darren barely resists as Stan pries his lips open. As we make him lick every last drop off our fingers, it's obvious that the now defiled straight boy is well and truly broken.

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