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Todd Tied on a Gym Machine

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Category: Fetish
  • Published: October 15, 2009
  • Views: 23947
  • Time: 03:00

Description: If a hot straight guy like Todd is foolish enough to do a personal training session with a total stranger, alone in the gym after closing time, he deserves everything he gets. As the gullible fucker flexes his muscles showing me how to use an exercise machine, all I have to do is discreetly slip a drug into his water bottle... and wait. Within minutes, Todd has slipped out of consciousness, his head lolling down, leaving me free to tie him tightly to the machine, his helpless sleeping limbs secured, spreading him out at my mercy. I take great delight in spitting a mouthful of cold water in his face to wake him up, bringing him to consciousness with a jolt as he takes in his bondage, my leering face, and the general vulnerability of his predicament. Like most straight guys, Todd's first reaction is to swear. He obviously thinks this is some kind of a joke, or that I must have the wrong end of the stick about his sexuality. But as I slice off his sportswear with a sharp, cold pair of scissors, his anger gives way to fear. Off come his tight white pants, and I finally have my sadistic hands on his prized hetero cock. The more I grope it, the more off a fuss Todd makes - you'd think these straight guys didn't like being felt up by other men! I have to use one of his own stinking, sweaty socks to gag him with duct tape - finally shutting the fucker up. Since he hated his cock and balls being toyed with so much, I decide to see how Todd reacts to a bit of torture. I apply the excrutiating clover clamps to his nipples, yanking and tugging on them harder and harder, until Todd is like putty in my hands, his body open to my whims, all rebellion gone, willing to do anything to make the pain stop. After covering his cock and balls in nasty tight pegs, I take a small flogger and proceed to whip the cunt on his most sensitive areas. Red raw nipples, cock, balls and thighs all get an equal taste of the lashes, and despite his struggling, Todd can't do a thing about it. Little does he know that it's not just torture that's on the cards for him though...

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