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Slurp n jerk 3

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Category: Frat Guys
  • Published: February 27, 2019
  • Views: 912
  • Time: 03:01

Description: Joey enjoyed his last visit so he invited a friend over. I'm not sure what he told Mason to have him tag along, but I am glad he did. Who wouldn't want two horny young studs sleeping in their guest room? Mason sleeps very deeply so Jay decides to see just how deep he sleeps by waking him up by pulling down the sheets. That is when he notices that Mason has a morning hard on. Jay starts to play with Masons hard dick as Mason wakes up, Joey removes his undies and goes right into action onto that cock and starts sucking Masons fat cock. Mason moans a bit, and seems to be enjoying his cock being serviced by his best buddy. As you can see Joey loves sucking a cock especially when his buddy is a straighter hot guy. He really cleans that dick off with his wet mouth showing his love for hard wood. He is quite enthusiastic about it as well. As Joey licks and sucks that cock he decided to play with Mason's tight hole and it really got him excited. That is when Joey pulls out a toy and then lubes it up and inserts it into Mason's hole which really makes Mason very hard and moans even harder. Joey continues to slobber that cock up and down while kissing Mason's body all over making his cock rock hard with the inserted toy, throbbing, and ready to explode. As Mason explodes his bone moaning and groaning. After he unloads those overfull balls he settles back down enjoy the after glow of his morning orgasm.

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