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Marcus & Rico

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Category: Frat Guys
  • Published: September 5, 2008
  • Views: 24103
  • Time: 02:17

Description: "Something Hot and New: Something Tried and True" These are words that sum up this week's Caribbean combo. The first is 18 yr old Marcus Guitaro. Marcus is another hot Cubanito from Miami, FL. He's fair-complected with dark features. This boy is trouble. He lost his cherry at the age of 13 to his best friend's sister. She was 19 and not only took his cherry, but stuck around to teach him the right way to do it. He began seeing women (i.e. his teachers) differently after that. He's boyish yet sexy; cocky yet charming. That being said: Don't be fooled by the baby face. Marcus' hottest sex was having a girl fuck the hell out of him in a storage room at "Wet-n-Wild", (no pun intended). He also recently gang-banged a chick with 5 other friends, and is known as "Mr. Power Drive" because he loves to fuck really hard. See! ...trouble. Bringing up the rear is Rico Salazar, and this Puerto Rican never disappoints. 19yr old Rico has been featured on our site several times and has become a fan favorite. His sexy features and thick cock have many screaming for more. One of his more memorable shoots was with his cousin Jay Martinez {link to duo49} which had these 2 hot Boricua boys stroking side by side. Laid Back Rico plans to go to Italy for 2.5 months to learn Italian. We're sure it's his love of languages that has him going abroad. Riiiight! We think he'll be using his love of languages to go after "a" broad-lots of em! "When in Rome..." Lying back on the couch, Marcus begins groping his growing cock. He skipped his morning jerk to save it for us, so he's horned up and overdue. He begins to strip. As he does, we begin to see his sexy body. He has broad shoulders and natural definition. He is hard in seconds, and playfully begins to play with his thick uncut cock. "Would you let me stick it in your butt for the first time?" he jokes as his cock finds its way out of his briefs. This jokester's horned up and needing release. His boxers come off as he starts giving his Cuban cock the attention it deserves. As he stands and jacks his meat, we get a better appreciation of his classic looks and features. His cock is thick from the base all the way to the pre-cum slicked head. He strokes it with both hands as his foreskin glides over his shiny knob. He swirls his finger on his knob and tastes his juice. He then goes face down as he begins to mock hump the couch. His sweet ass is on display as he humps away. His thick cock and heavy hangers are showcased as well, as his ass rises and falls with every thrust. He's been working his meat for a while. As he feels his nut getting close, he sits down on the floor to take care of business. He jacks faster and faster. In no time, his cock erupts, sending his cream cascading down his thick shaft pooling on its base. Rico is in gym shorts, which he shucks quickly as he starts working his thick dick, already on the rise. His large inked biceps look amazing as he slowly gropes his upper bod and growing dick. He's all sweaty after his workout and takes it to the shower. He jumps in with his shirt on. As the water soaks him, his tee hugs every delicious curve on him. He turns to give us an eyeful of the forbidden-his str8 ass! This boy has some serious ASS! Now he can get to work on the matter at hand. He lays face down on the couch and begins dry humping the couch as his cock gets rock hard from the friction. When he finally rolls over, he's boned. He begins working his cock as his dark foreskin runs up and down over his head. His thick "bicho" is throbbing. His smooth nuts are pulling tight as he continues working his cock with both hands. He turns around and gives us more views of his backside as he strokes. Once he's ready to bust his nut, he gets comfortable on the floor and jacks away. His nuts pull in tight as they prepare for launch. Launch sequence engaged! Within a couple minutes, his bicho blasts load after load all over his smooth chest and inked abs. Whew!

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