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Real Cam: Ben Masters and Angel Rivera

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Category: Frat Guys
  • Published: April 16, 2018
  • Views: 10690
  • Time: 05:52

Description: Sexy superstars Ben Masters and Angel Rivera are armed with a handheld camera AND a whole lotta cock which adds up to some perfectly pervy porny pleasure! We also film the ferocious fuck with our WIDE angle lens to give you every amazing ass banging angle and cock crammed close up imaginable. This boner banger shows clear chemistry from the couple in the first sexy second as Ben barks out a schlong stiffening "kiss me" command. Then, he slaps Angel on the ass to show he means business. Rivera does as he's told then takes it a step further.... further on down the dude's beautiful body that is! Angel parks his pretty kisser at Masters' meat, deep throating the thick prime piece then asking for a schlong slap as Ben catches the cock rocker with his handheld. Ben passes his Angel the cam cause he's about to go ham on Rivera's two hander. Masters orders Angel to flip over so he can get at that grade A ass. Here we switch to Ben's handheld so you can get deep into Angel's perfectly smooth pucker. Masters mouths and fingers Rivera's fine fanny, opening the tight tunnel for his wonderfully wide whopper. Rivera confesses his nervousness about the thick dick; so, Masters lubes his love muscle before slowly sliding that big bareback bad boy inside Angel's hot hiney. Muffled moans echo from Angel who's face is buried in a pillow as Masters services his sex hole standing with one leg on the couch, his own beautifully muscled booty mountain flexing as he fucks. Ben's hard work is paying off and as Angel opens up, he's able to fuck at full throttle. Ben's bionic body bangs into Rivera's rump, causing a rush of raw nut to speed to the surface and splash across his flawless flesh.

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