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Teenage Dream

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Category: Frat Guys
  • Published: August 2, 2018
  • Views: 7917
  • Time: 05:34

Description: Dreamy teen, Danny Nelson heads over to his high school bud's pad. Unfortunately, his straight teenage mate has girls on the brain and totally forgot he made plans with his pal. Lucky For Nelson, his buddy's brother Max Carter is home and he definitely does NOT have girls on the brain! As a matter of fact, he's been crushing on little Danny for a while. Nelson isn't quick on the uptake; so, Carter literally spells it out for him by saying the sexiest words a gay teenager can EVER hear, "I want to fuck you!" Nelson is pleasantly surprised and now he's GLAD his buddy forgot they had plans, because now, Nelson is about to get VERY busy with his buddy's beautiful older brother! Carter is happy to take the reigns and "big brother" the less experienced Nelson through ALL the dirty deeds they're about to do! He takes the lead, putting his lusty lips to Nelson's knob, demonstrating for the schoolboy how to down dick in the most delicious way. Nelson is a quick study and soon enough, the cute twink is sucking Carter's king cock with his pretty little mouth. Max plants a kiss on the kid before moving onto the next lesson, which is ass eating. Max manhandles the tiny twink, tossing his legs in the air and assassinating that smooth schoolboy booty with long licks and deep penetration fingers, getting Nelson's nether regions ready for a raunchy hard, raw ramming! Ever the gentleman, Max makes sure to ask Danny if he's ready for some dick. The beautiful boy is more than ready, in fact he's aching for a bareback banging and lets Cater know, "I want you inside me." Carter cracks the seal on the schoolboy's can. Then, he makes the kid's backyard his own personal playground, slaying his brother's buddy's booty like a boss and micromanaging every erotic, porny position to unimaginable hot heights of pleasure. After working the teen's tight tunnel like a naughty 9 to 5, complete WITH overtime, Nelson's nads are ready to show their appreciation. Danny strokes his schlong till he drains every ounce of oozy orgasm from his pretty piece while his hole spasms and tightens around the massive monster inside of him, milking Carter's cream right to the surface! Max makes magnificent use of his juice, creaming the pretty boy's pucker pie with a gooey good, well earned hole glazing! Krispy Kream ain't got shit on this kid's freshly glazed, delicious donut hole!

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