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Casting 78 James Scott

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Category: Frat Guys
  • Published: October 13, 2016
  • Views: 3907
  • Time: 06:32

Description: James Scott is anonchalant gay for pay guy with some experience in his small Kentucky town. Telling the Casting Director about himself during the preinterview, he goes back and forth a lot about his experience with guys, girls, and getting paid for some kink shit; almost like he wants to impress the Casting Director or trying to make himself believe he is cool with what he is about to do. On the couch he learns that his audition includes getting fucked and for a guy who has had girlfriends use dildos on him, he looks pretty terrified. But we all know that a toy and a man are two different things. Casting Director does a good job keeping James calm, telling him to strip we find one fat cock that is already rock hard; funny for a straight guy who is just in it for the money. James gets on his knees and starts licking the Casting Directors cock and starts blowing under his direction. James can barely get half the cock in his mouth without gagging and if that isnt foreshadowing, I dont know what is. James can barely handle the head of the Casting Directors cock, no matter which position he is put in, and the Casting Director has to keep James calm through the whole thing. After a while though, he starts taking all the cock and is still rock hard while he winces and moans about the pain. Guess he wasnt lying about having a virgin ass. James even has to stop and take a cigarette break, where the Casting Director gives him some pointers on successful bottoming. James gives it another go and handles it a lot better, though ultimately he cant take it for long. For a straight guy who can barely handle cock, he shoots his loads pretty quick and is eager for his next audition. You know how the saying goes: practice makes perfect!

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