At Least I'm Not Bottoming - Gay Porn Video from Broke Straight Boys - 170716

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These boys are very hot and very straight but most of all they are broke. Rather then lose their apartment, girlfriend, etc. they do sexual things with other guys for some quick cash.

At Least I'm Not Bottoming

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    Broke Straight Boys
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  • Time: 21:56

Description: This scene is from BSB heaven. Brandon Beale, Blake Bennet and Johnny Forza in a raw three-way. And guess who will play the role of the pass around bottom? The cute boy sitting between Brandon and Johnny. :-) Johnny is the only one who has experienced a trio off camera (with some lucky ladies). He is confused by the question, however. "It's late," he whines when he gets the cameraman was asking about trios with the opposite sex. "Don't be a bitch," Blake observes. Not an expert in these matters, but is that the type of comment the meat in a man sandwich should be asking? :-) However, Blake does come up with his new nickname. "Bottoming Blake Bennet bare backs," he says with his trademark smile. All three stand up and strip. Johnny is wearing what he calls his "blow-job pants." "Easy access," Blake asks. "Are you a little nervous, Blake," the cameraman wonders. "Yeah. Are you kidding me," Blake responds. "The other two have smiles on their faces," the cameraman observes. "Because we're not him," Johnny says pointing to Blake. "Yeah, exactly," Brandon adds. They pull off their underwear and show their booties to the camera. Cheeks are wiggled, but Brandon observes his ass movement can only go so far because "he's not that black." "Racist," Blake whispers. With the anthropological observations about ass shaking out of the way, the boys get busy. They sit down again, with Blake in the middle. He leans over and sucks Johnny while Brandon sucks Blake. Hasn't Blake transformed into an enthusiastic dick sucker? He sticks his tongue out and smacks it with Johnny's meat. As for Brandon, he is all about the deep throat. He swallows Blake whole. Johnny just leans back and enjoys the show. :-) Moans and slurps are the only things heard. Blake sits up and wipes the tears from his eyes. All the pole swallowing takes work. He goes down on Brandon and Johnny gets to blow Blake for awhile. Johnny keeps his mouth on Blake's bloated head. As for Blake, he makes sure Brandon's tool receives its fair amount of drool. It will need to be slick, considering where it will be going! :-) "It's time for a little spit roast," Johnny says to Brandon. "All right," he cheerfully replies. Blake puts lube in his hole. Johnny sits on the couch and across from, in the chair, is Brandon. Blake slowly sits on Johnny's joint. "Oh, fuck," Blake groans. He leans over and sucks Brandon, but keeps cursing every time his special spot is hit by Johnny's shaft. His going balls deep, making Blake's ass brand new. Brandon grabs Blake's head to keep it where it belongs. "Oh, fuck man," Blake moans. He grabs the chair as Johnny's strokes get more powerful. By this time Johnny isn't even the couch. He's in the air, his hands grabbing Blake's ass. He even gives those cute cheeks a few slaps for good measure. "Hey, Johnny," Brandon asks. "Let me get a piece of that ass." Being a generous and kind dude, Johnny pulls out. He takes a seat in the chair, and Blake sits on Johnny's lap. He pulls his legs up, and Brandon gets in one long stroke. Immediately it's balls deep. "Oh, fuck," Blake whimpers. Brandon's thrusting must be hitting that joy button because Blake's toes curl on themselves! LOL! "Keep fucking him," Johnny orders. It doesn't look like Brandon is going to stop. "Fuck that ass," Johnny commands. Brandon is treating that ass like it's moist pussy. "Oh, fuck me." Blake whimpers. Johnny gets back in, after Brandon pulls out. Poor Blake. His hole can't seem to get any rest from all of this stuffing. "Fuck me dude," Blake pleads. As he gets filled, he shoots a load with the help of Brandon's hand. As for Brandon his own nectar explosion soon follows. Johnny pulls out and strokes his nut. The juice lands right above Blake's hole. Brandon rubs it in. "Fuck, I had to do everything," Blake observes. And you did it well, Blake. You did it well.

Broke Straight Boys
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