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Brody Grant Tony Falco Flip

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Category: Full Scene
  • Published: June 19, 2014
  • Views: 16800
  • Time: 23:06

Description: Tony Falco and Brody Grant are two of our most popular college dudes, so what better way for these two to get acquainted than to do a hot flip-flop fuck together? After making out, Brody drops to his knees to feast on Tony Falcos thick cock. Brody licks, slurps, and deep-throats Tony, getting more hot and bothered each minute. Brody ends up face-fucking Tony, who not only enjoys the cock in his mouth but starts fingering Brodys famous pink asshole at the same time. After a hot rim job, Tony slides his sausage into Brody in a fairly acrobatic position, pounding and pounding Brody - who is obviously enjoying the fuck. Brody sits on Tonys fat one and rides until he decides it is Tonys turn for a cock up the ass. With Tony on his back, Brody grabs Tonys ankles and dives in, fucking Tony deep until Tony busts a big nut all over himself. Tony cums too, and these two hotties end the session with a passionate kiss. Great Fuck! Without hesitation, Kodi and Rex took each other's cock's in hand and started putting in some hard wrist action. Slowly but surely, the two boys slid their hands up and down a thick shaft, Kodi not even batting an eyelid when he realized just how big Rex's dick was. A few minutes later, Kodi suggested that they remove their underwear, Rex grinning widely as they both threw their boxers on the floor. Dicks in hand again, Rex and Kodi leisurely jerked each other off and it was easy to see that they were enjoying the moment. When it was clear that neither of them were going to get any harder, I told Kodi it was time to suck dick. Even though he had said earlier he was pretty nervous, Kodi immediately leaned over and slid Rex's thick cock into his straight boy mouth. As he got used to the taste of cock for the first time, Kodi wanked his own dick even as Rex lightly ran his fingers back and forth across Kodi's shoulders. Despite this being Kodi's first ever blowjob, Rex said that he was doing well. Upon hearing this, Kodi started trying to go deeper down on the monster cock. Although he sounded like he was choking as he inched his way down the dick, Kodi appeared to have things well in hand. Obviously enjoying the blowjob, Rex decided to help out a little by taking control of Kodi's dick and jerking him off. This left Kodi with two free hands so he started pumping the big dick as he sucked on the head of the cock.
rnSwitching things around, Rex stood up while Kodi slid to his knees in front of him. With no hesitation at all, Kodi swallowed down Rex's dick again, this time, however, Rex gently pistoned his hips back and forth as he dipped his dick in and out of Kodi's mouth. Wrapping a hand around Rex's cock, Kodi fisted the dick even as he sucked on the large head. All the while, Rex was moaning like a bitch, clearly loving the blow job. Kodi was doing such a great job for his first time, that Rex said he was getting close even though he had previously said he didn't cum from oral. Even though Rex was getting close to cumming, it didn't look like Kodi wanted to let go of the big cock which suited Rex just fine as he started to gently face fuck Kodi. As he continued to gain confidence, Kodi experimented a little by leaning down and sucking on Rex's big balls, all the while, shooting the camera a seductive glance. Jerking himself off furiously as his heavy balls were being lavished with attention, Rex suddenly pushed Kodi back and only a moment later, shot his load over Kodi's chest so that it dribbled all the way down his body.
rnNow, it was Rex's turn to show what he could do. The boys got themselves cleaned up and sat down on the couch, Kodi jerking himself off as he watched the rest of the video. When he was half hard, Rex leaned over and took Kodi's dick in his straight boy mouth. Right away, Rex had Kodi groaning in pleasure as he bobbed up and down on the hardening cock. It wasn't long before Kodi's dick was rock hard, Kodi gently pushing on the back of Rex's head in a hint for Rex to go deeper. From the look of complete bliss on Kodi's face, there was no doubt that Rex was doing a great job at having a dick in his mouth. Suddenly, Kodi surprised Rex by throwing himself into a different position but like a true professional, Rex took it all in stride. As Rex got used to the feel of a dick in his mouth, he took Kodi's low hanging balls in one hand, rolling them in his palm. Kodi was loving the blowjob so much, he started up a little dirty talk, telling Rex to 'suck that cock!' With a tight grip, Rex pumped the hard shaft every now and again, wringing a moan of pleasure from Kodi.
rnComing up for some much needed air, Rex stated that he thought he was doing ok for his first time at blowing another guy before diving back down on the dick. 'Feels so good!' whispered Kodi as Rex flicked his tongue around the head of his cock. As Rex broke off again, it was obvious his jaw was tired from all his hard work so I asked Kodi if he could cum by getting jerked off. Kodi didn't answer, instead, he took control of his cock and started to wank off at a fast pace. As his hand flew up and down his shaft, Kodi told Rex to lick his dick, which Rex dutifully did even as Kodi kept wanking. Helping Kodi out, Rex massaged the heavy low hanging balls even as it was clear that Kodi was just about to pop his load. Seconds later, Kodi shot his load over his lower stomach, the cum dribbling down his shaft and into his pubes.
rnConcentrating on the job in front of him, Bobby's mouth slid back and forth over the thick dick even as he wrapped a tight hand around his own cock. Bobby broke off for a moment to spit on Rocco's dick before diving back down. He spit again, pumping the shaft a few times then immediately swallowed the cock head. Rocco wondered if Bobby had a gag reflex and tested it out, forcing Bobby to go down deep on his dick only for Bobby to pull off as he choked. Rocco said Bobby was doing a good job but would be better if Bobby could go deeper, all the while, Bobby was shaking his head in protest to Rocco's suggestion. A moment later, Bobby, at my suggestion, started pumping Rocco's shaft as he sucked on the cock head. Rocco wrapped his fingers around Bobby's long hair and started gently face fucking him, causing Bobby to moan a little at the unexpected show of domination.
rnJerking himself off again, Bobby let Rocco take control of the situation, holding his head still as Rocco thrust in and out of his mouth. I asked Bobby to lick the head of Rocco's dick and after Bobby did a half hearted effort, I told him to do it properly. Bobby licked a couple of stripes along the shaft of the thick dick, Rocco admitting that it felt pretty good. For something a bit fun, I handed Bobby $500 and told him to count it out as he had a dick in his straight boy mouth. Bobby and Rocco laughed but Bobby dutifully counted it all out before asking if he had done enough dick sucking for one day. I told the boys to just sit back and jerk each other off until they came. However, as they helped each other along, both Rocco and Bobby said that they wouldn't be able to cum from just being jerked off and asked if they could do the cum shot another way..
rnI asked Rocco if he had any ideas and he said fucking Bobby would help him cum. I thought about it for a minute, then offered Bobby $1500 to get his cherry popped. Bobby was down on his hands and knees, ass raised in the air, almost instantly. As Rocco had a big dick for a first timer, I got Bobby to roll on his side so that Rocco would spoon him from behind. While Rocco got himself prepared, Bobby tugged on his own rock hard dick, asking Rocco that he go gently for his first time. Raising one leg in the air, Bobby lubed up his ass hole, rubbing a finger up and down his crack. Finally, Rocco was about to break Bobby in. Inch by inch, Rocco slowly worked his thick cock into Bobby's virgin ass, all the while, Bobby groaned in discomfort. Jerking on his dick to take his mind off the pain, Bobby had to be reminded to breathe as Rocco started to fuck him. Right away, it was clear that Bobby was in some pain even though Rocco, true to his word, was taking matters very slowly.
rnBreathing deeply, Bobby clenched his teeth each time Rocco thrust into him, Rocco confirming that Bobby had a very tight ass. It wasn't an easy position for Bobby so he flipped over onto his back, legs spread wide as Rocco applied some more lube and slid all the way back into Bobby's ass. Reaching up, Bobby gripped his feet, holding his legs apart even as Rocco started going a little harder and faster. Bobby groaned loudly as Rocco pulled all the way out then thrust back in hard, all the while, jerking himself off. Surprisingly, the entire time Bobby was being fucked, his cock had been rock hard. Only minutes later, with Rocco riding his ass, Bobby climaxed, cum spilling over onto his stomach and into his pubes. Rocco pulled out and tore off the condom, wanking himself off and sprinkling cum over Bobby's dick, balls and thighs.

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