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Just when these young guys think their troubles are over, their problems are just beginning. Young vulnerable guys are violated and taken advantage of for sex with older men and authority figures!

18 Year Old High School Dropout

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Category: Hunks
  • Published: July 13, 2015
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  • Time: 03:01

Description: Some guys just never learn their lesson. You'd think that with all the bad about to come down on this 18 year old, he'd realize his mistakes and mend his ways. Not this tough guy. Well, after yet another night of poor choices, I find him on the bed. I told this guy to strip down, get on the bed, and jerk off. He didn't have a lot of options. This 6-2 18 year old has a decent body and a big dick. I knew I was gonna have some fun with him. It's great putting little punks in their place. I was really horned up, so I have him blow me a little. He is on bail right now, and I'd say there is a fifty-fifty chance that he will end up doing jail time. After a few minutes I lie down beside him and whip out my cock, too. While he is stroking his cock, I grab his right hand and put it around mine. He is jerking us both off. I decide to up the ante, and I put my finger in his mouth and tell him to suck it. He dutifully complies. Over the course of the next several minutes I give him a handjob and he jerks himself off. As he is getting close, I can feel his strong legs stiffen up a little and press against mine. He cums a lot! I wipe it all up and have him lick every drop off of my hand and fingers. I need to get off too, so I have him blow me some more. Maybe his strategy is to suck dick so well that they won't fuck him up the ass there. The reason I say this is that the guy is a natural for sucking a fat cock to completion. He doesn't look like he would be, but the delinquent really has it in him. After having him blow me in several different positions, I settle on lying back and letting him crouch between my legs before I squirt a load in his mouth. This str8 mofo swallows it! Not too shabby for a dumb ass on bail.

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