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Dick Sucking Dude

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Category: Hunks
  • Published: May 14, 2012
  • Views: 3454
  • Time: 03:00

Description: Two More Defiant Dudes, "just Chillin'." When He Starts Making Out With Che, Torque Has to Move His Skateboard Off His Lap In Order to Move In. After the First Tentative Kiss, the Dudes Lose Their Shoes. After More Kissing and Some Lip Smacking, They Lose Their Shirts. After More and Noisier Lip Smacking, Che Loses His Jeans and Briefs. Torque Wraps His Lips Around Che's Cock, Pleasing His New Buddy: "feels Good." Che Keeps His Hand on Torque's Head In the Universal Sign That Means Don't You Dare Stop Sucking My Cock. as If Torque Would Even Consider Stopping. Torque Sucks and Sucks and Sucks, and Then Sucks Some More. He's Determined to Get Che's Cock Really, Really Hard. He Makes Some Progress. and He Gets a Little Stiff and Cramped, so He Has to Unzip and Let Himself Come Out to Play They Kiss. Torque Lays on His Back With His Left Arm Behind His Head In One of the Universal Signs That Means Now It's Your Turn, Dude, Suck My Dick. Torque Keeps His Hand on Che's Head, While Che Sucks His Dick. as If. We Get Some Loving Close-ups of Torque and His Board. Che Tries, He Really Tries, to Get Torque Hard. There Are Some Signs of Life. More Kissing. More Lip Smacking. See Che Stand. See Torque Suck. Che's Body Looks Pretty Awesome When He's Standing Backed Up Against the Wall, but His Dick Continues to Have Trouble Responding to Torque's Hard Work. Some Intimate Camera Maneuvers Keep Us Involved and Interested. Gradually, Torque Starts to See Some Results. the More Che's Cock Lengthens and Stiffens, the More Torque Wants. "tastes Good," Torque Smiles, Smacking His Lips. "i Wanna Stick This Inside of You," Is Che's Sensitive Reply. Che Lubes His Cock; Torque Lubes His Ass. Torque Gets on All Fours. Che Tries to Stick It Inside of Torque, Who Smiles Happily, and Encourages, "feels Good." You May Be Surprised That Che Throws a Pretty Decent Fuck, Even Without a Ramrod Stiff Cock. We Get an Aerial View of the Fucking and the Camera Zooms In and Out as Che Does the Same. Still Smiling, Torque Rolls Over on His Back With His Legs In the Air. Che Grabs His (torque's) Ankles and Fucks. Another Aerial View. More Zoom Zoom. and That's How Che Fucks a Load Out of Torque. Naturally, They Both Have to Do a Taste Test. Cut to Torque, Lips Smacking on Che's Cock. "wanna See Me Cum In Your Face?" Asks Che, Who Is Soon Answering His Own Question by Jerking a Juicy Load In Torque's Face. More Lip Smacking; More Taste Testing. "pineapple Really Does Make It Taste Better." Thanks, Dude, I Did Not Know That. We're Left With a Kiss and a Shot of Che's Meaty Semi, and Torque's Invitation: "take a Look At the Dick I Just Got Fucked By."

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