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Introducing Preston Hale

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Category: Hunks
  • Published: February 13, 2018
  • Views: 5358
  • Time: 06:00

Description: Get to know our super sexy newbie Preston Hale as Cameron Parks chats up the Chicago native. He's a national award winning cheerleader so we know he's definitely flexible! He says he's always thought about going into porn and his family is even supportive! Hale is also interested in going into the medical field later, specifically dentistry. A flexible boy who likes to put things in one's mouth, now THAT combination guarantees us a good time! Before these two Helix hotties start humping they discuss domination, which always gets Preston's piece pointing north and soon enough our guys are swapping spit and stripping one another! The first thing we notice is Hale's hind end which is a bodacious bubble from years of cheerleading gymnastics. Cameron caresses the kid's can before ordering him down onto his knees. Parks paid close attention during their cock stretching conversation and remembers he enjoys someone taking control. He pulls Preston's peter eater deep down on his dick by the back of his head. Cam pushes our blond boy onto the bed and bastes his smooth bone with a wet mouth before flipping the gymnast over to get at that gorgeous ass. He spreads the peaches and cream, dream boy's booty while licking the pretty pink center as he teases the rim with a feisty finger before blasting it inside. Full up on his ass appetizer, the tight bodied blond is absolutely aching for a banging. Cameron saddles up behind Preston's peach, slaps Hale's hiney with it and then punches his big bareback boner inside. Hale is horned up nice and good, grinding his ass back like an alleycat. He takes a pounding and a half on all fours, turning his fuck me face back and asking Cam to go at it even harder. Preston flips the dirty blond on his back and impales his hole while holding him down with a hot love choke. Cameron's cock can no longer hold it's creamy contents and he aims that massive member at Preston's pretty face. He hoses Hale down blasting the boy's beautiful features everywhere, getting him good in the eye and open mouth! Preston sticks his pierced tongue out and invites Cam's cock inside. He fucks the kid's face for a second before scooping up his wet work and shoveling it into the kid's hungry mouth. Parks plants one more kiss on the well worked lad, tasting his own creamy cock as he does.

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