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These sexy boys really live and work in the Caribbean and Pacific Islands! Watch the models as they are being photographed for the first time naked and jerking it.

Little Victor

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Category: Hunks
  • Published: December 20, 2014
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  • Time: 00:59

Description: Horny, Little Boy Victor is a small, young, soft spoken, Puerto Rican twink, with an AMAZING, MAN size 8, brown, thick cock, which is ROCK HARD throughout most of this Exclusive Video from Island Studs. Only 19, standing just 5'4" and weighing a skinny 125 pounds, Little Victor confesses on camera, "I was always the shortest one - even all the way throughout high school." This young, self professed, Bisexual Boy has the face of a Spanish Conquistador and is packing a beautiful, solid, super thick, 8" cock! Standing in the lush Hawaiian garden, Little Boy Victor is surrounded by the vibrant colors of a blooming bougainvillea. While born in New York City, Little Victor was raised on the Island of Puerto Rico, before moving to Honolulu with his large Latin Family. He is proud of his Latino roots and the Giant Cock his father gave him. This horny, young lad, immediately pulls his MONSTER, Brown Cock and Balls out of his clean, plaid, boxer shorts and shakes them around for us all to see. Even soft, Little Victor's cock is HUGE! Watch as Little Victor wipes thick pre-cum off his big dick head, several times as he jerks his dick through his underwear! Wow! What a delicious sight! Look at the little tuff of hair between his tiny, little boy pecs. Victor is a Total twink except with his VERY HUNG, Man Size Meat hanging between his skinny legs. Victor sways back and forth as he stands naked in front of the camera stroking his big, brown, ball sac and cock. It looks as if he needs take a piss. Watch Victor hold onto his swollen, monster cock and attempts to take a piss outdoors in the full bright, Hawaiian Sun. Yes, Victor takes a pee on the grassy lawn! Now fully naked in the Garden, I ask Little Boy Victor to raises his arms revealing his hairy armpits and his skinny, young, high school arms. We get a front row seat as the camera glides around Victor's boy body as he jerks his massive, brown cock, cupping his ball sack and squeezing it into his furry crotch.Victor has never ever trimmed this youthful pubic hair! While joyously jerking off, Little Victor even grabs his chest sliding his tiny hand across his tiny pecs. Listen to Victor confess and apologize, on camera, that he's always dripping LOTS of pre-cum during his stroke sessions at home. Check out ALL the pre-cum from this Horny, Little, Puerto Rican guy. Like a playful, High School youngster, Victor climbs on top of a floating raft in the blue swimming pool. Watch Victor float around the pool in the sun, smiling at the camera and his new job as a naked model. Feast your eyes on this Little Lad as he puts his pool toy away, walks around the garden nude and sits in a lawn chair to complete his long jerk off session! Little boy Victor gets hornier and hornier as the photo shoot progresses. He is so cute as he takes his little hands off his massive cock and poses like a bodybuilder with this skinny teenager arms behind his head! Listen as he explains that he first learned he had a BIG DICK from a teenage girl in Middle School and THEN a teenage boy he fucked a few weeks later! This horny, Puerto Rican Boy loves to fuck! Little Victor's stroking rapidly increases and his breathing gets heavier as he prepares to cum. We were NOT prepared for his MASSIVE CUM SHOT! Victor literally sprays sperm all over his tighten little boy body! He coats his entire chest all the way up to his neck and skinny shoulders with white, thick jizz. Listen to Victor confessed that he is always told by his sex partners that HE IS A BIG CUMMER! His massive, Puerto Rican cock continues to throb and drip cum and he walks into the shower room to clean up. This Little, Latin Guy takes the cutest shower! Watch as he soaps up his hard cock, accidentally drops the big bar of soap on the floor and giggles like a young teenager as he bends over to pick it up. It's hard to believe Little Boy Victor is 19. His personality and body look much younger. Victor even raises his leg onto the bench in the shower room and starts to masturbate, AGAIN, between his butt cheeks! We are treated to a great view of his brown bottom, pink boy hole as he strokes his cock and balls from behind his ass! "Is your cock really only 8 inches?" I ask at the end of this special Island Studs video. "I don't know," Victor replies, "I haven't checked it for a while." Victor's cumshot will not disappoint anyone who loves a massive loads of sperm sprayed all over a tight boy body. It is apparent that this shy, reserved twink loves showing off his big 8" Latino cock for the camera. Island Studs is proud to present Little Boy Victor and his Massive Meat! Enjoy!

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