Naked Football 4 Jock and Daddy Van - Gay Porn - Video: 134488

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These sexy boys really live and work in the Caribbean and Pacific Islands! Watch the models as they are being photographed for the first time naked and jerking it.

Naked Football 4 Jock and Daddy Van

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Category: Hunks
  • Published: April 21, 2015
  • Views: 10840
  • Time: 01:08

Description: If you have ever wanted to see two straight surfer jocks playing football naked outside on a popular nudist Hawaiian beach and then jump in the crashing waves with their surf boards, Naked Football #4 from Island Studs is for YOU! Feast your eyes on these two newcomers: Smooth white jock Mick and Big Dick Daddy Van as they strut their stuff OUT IN PUBLIC for all to see in this Exclusive Action Packed Video from Island Studs! Watch Mick and Van walk on to the beach with their surf boards and beach chairs, smiling with excitement as they strip off their board shorts in front of everyone. Their white athletic thighs and muscle butts are exposed to the morning sunlight. Daddy Van, 38, 6'1" and 165 pounds, the tan Surf Instructor with the BIG bouncing cock and HUGE balls is NOT shy about being photographed naked with his best buddy, Super Ripped twink college football jock Mick. It is a nudist's fantasy watching these two smooth athletic men aggressively go at each other, like Father and Son in heat competition - Naked In Public! Mick, 25, 6', also 165 Lbs, is an experienced High School football player, having played Line Backer and Running Back on his High School football team and in college. Check out his tight Virgin muscle butt and strong football thighs! Listen to Mick confess that he has never played football naked before... on camera! "Do people comment on your ASS?" I ask him jokingly while he is throwing the ball to Daddy Van. "Girls say that all the time," he says with a wicked sexy smile! Watch Mick's tight smooth white body move as he works over his older buddy Van with the ball. Both of these guys have ripped sweaty muscles and their BIG COCKS and BALLS bounce around as they play! The camera catches them from every angle. Daddy Van's athletic mature Surf Dad body comes from years of Kite Surfing and catching the waves on the Islands with his big board. Watch him as he plays with his big cock and nut sack WHILE he throws and catches the ball with his new Island Stud nudist surf buddy Mick. These sexy hunks are REAL LIFE BUDDIES! They work at the same resort restaurant in Honolulu together. There is a lot of jaw dropping footage of their muscle butts and their sweaty ass cracks! ASS LOVERS should not miss this one! Mick gets a sandy ass crack after he dives into the waves for the football! This Father and Son Duo put down the football and pick up their surf boards and enter the waves on the PUBLIC BEACH for all to see. Just like Island Studs other hot sexy Naked Football shoots with Austin & Eyal, Darren & Kaleo and Darren & Shawn on a public beach, this masculine jock couple playfully enjoy being naked in the open ocean for all to see! Listen as Mick & Van talk totally unscripted about their lives, on the Islands and how 'exhilarating' it was to get naked together for the first time for a nudist football workout on the Beach in the sun! This is REAL JOCK sweaty football action. We get to see and hear ALL the naked fun unedited! You won't see nudist action like this anywhere else except Island Studs! We are putting together a BALLS OUT naked Island Studs football team! Do you want to join them?!

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