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These sexy boys really live and work in the Caribbean and Pacific Islands! Watch the models as they are being photographed for the first time naked and jerking it.

Category: Hunks
  • Published: March 10, 2016
  • Views: 2434
  • Time: 01:05

Description: Red Ray is a stocky farmer from Medford, Oregon with a FULL BUSH of dick hair who enjoys showing off his thick body, fat cock and spreads his pink Man Hole wide open as he works naked cleaning the Koi Pond, instructs us in a full HOT NUDE YOGA session, takes a LONG Piss in the garden, and skinny dips in the pool before busting a big nut outside in Hawaii in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs. Feast your eyes on every inch of Red Ray's totally beefy ginger body and thick hard cock from UNDERWATER as he skinny dips in the swimming pool- all caught on video with Island Studs' unique UNDERWATER SPORTS ACTION CAM! This friendly blue collar farmer at 28, 5'7" and a thick 170lbs is excited about being photographed nude for the very first time! Listen as Ray tells us about the tattoos on his body and what each means to him. He treats us to many personal details and stories about his life in Oregon and now on the Islands. He really enjoys showing off his beefy beautiful man body and chunky white ass! What a wide man butt! Big Ray is one of the friendliest Ginger men on Island Studs! It is very hot to watch this jock with his beautiful cock flopping around the garden while he bends over and cleans weeds out of the Koi Pond, totally NAKED. Red Ray sexy pink BUTT HOLE is not to be missed! He opens his thick man butt several times as he does his nudist work! Feast your eyes on this nudist ginger Farmer at work! We get to see his beefy naked body from all angles while he works naked, wearing ONLY his swamp boots! Ray is completely comfortable working nude outside as he talks to the camera and clowns around in the buff! But wait: Red Ray has to take a Pee! Watch as this Oregon farmer stands in the garden and takes a long piss. Listen to him moan with pleasure as the bright yellow pee blast out of his cock and splashes below his feet! To clean up, he takes a sexy outdoor shower in the sun. The Island Studs Exclusive SPORTS ACTION CAM goes into the pool and underwater with this sexy beefy red head! The Sports Action Cam glides between Ray's thighs underwater, as this sexy farmer spreads his legs WIDE exposing his hairy pink ass hole and his heavy nuts and cock! The underwater footage of this blue collar lad swimming and walking around UNDERWATER with his hard dick bobbing is NOT TO BE MISSED! Farmer Red Ray is even more sexy underwater than on dry land! Ray, a yoga enthusiast, starts to instruct us in a real HOT nude yoga workout session- all caught on camera here! It is breathtaking to watch this real beefy stud performing head stands and stretch beside the pool. Watch as this masculine man turns his beefy butt to the camera and bends over WIDE, revealing his pink, hairy butt hole. Wow, what an awesome sight! Our cameras capture Red Ray and his fat dick from every angle and close up as he jerks off! Watch this sexy Island Stud shoot GOBS of thick white goo ALL OVER his ginger pubes and belly. His sweet man juice BLASTS out of his Hard Cock and drips down his big balls. Sweaty, sticky and drained, Big Ray jumps up and walks over to the outdoor shower dripping cum! Big Butt lovers should NOT miss this HOT soapy OUTDOOR SHOWER scene! Red Ray soaps up his half hard cock and plays with his ass! Watch as he raises his legs to clean out his big ass crack! We get a great view of his big ball sack again as it hangs between his thick ass cheeks! Red Ray has become our favorite NEW Beefy Ginger Stud on the Island! Island Studs now has a full stable of Naked Red Heads working naked outdoors and jerking off for us in the tropics. Red Ray's sexy attitude and BIG friendly smile will excite you. Don't miss his Beefy Oregon Farmer in Hawaii!

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