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These sexy boys really live and work in the Caribbean and Pacific Islands! Watch the models as they are being photographed for the first time naked and jerking it.

Furry Surfer Rich

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Category: Hunks
  • Published: June 15, 2016
  • Views: 3180
  • Time: 01:00

Description: Furry Surfer Rich is a horny working class, married man with a sexy Mohawk, bright pink toe nails, FULL BUSH of dick, chest and back hair who enjoys stroking his hairy cock as he works fully naked in the garden trimming palm tree branches, shows his hairy Manhole while working, talks about his wife, takes sexy outdoor shower in the sun, released a wild Piss, before busting a big nut all over his furry body outside in Hawaii in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs. Feast your eyes on every inch of Randy Rich's totally hairy body and thick hard cock as he holds his bright blue body surfboard in one hand and his hairy cock in the other. This super friendly surfer sports a sexy shaved head and awesome Mohawk as he tells us the story of how the toe nails on his furry feet were painted by his young niece. Watch him being photographed nude for the very first time in this video! Surfer Rich really enjoys showing off his beefy beautiful hairy man body for our cameras! Look at how perfectly hairy Rich's athletic body is: Hairy Chest, Back, Ass, legs and his super furry crotch! What a beautiful cock! Surfer Rich is one of the friendliest surfers we have met on Island Studs! It is very hot to watch this totally furry hunk with his beautiful cock flopping around the garden as he bends over picks up piles of Palm Tree branches in the driveway, totally NAKED. Rich's BIG HAIRY BALLS and cock dangle between his furry ass cheeks as he works outside in the Hot Hawaiian Sun. He sweats as he does his nudist garden boy chores for us all to see. We catch great views of Surfer Rich's open Hairy manhole as he bends over repeatedly to pick up fallen leafs. Rich does not mind showing us his pink furry hole! Feast your eyes on Rich's Beefy naked body from every angle as he works balls out! Watch Rich take a wild Pee! This friendly Surfer Boy stands in the garden and takes a piss that separates into two solid streams of pee! What a unique sight: Two streams of Rich piss! Horny Rick is even more sexy as he takes a HOT soapy shower to wash off all the dirt and sweat after his naked house boy work. Excited to jerk off for us, Rich sits in a garden chair and treats us to a long JO session. Look at the way he manhandles his hairy ball sack and furry hard cock. Our cameras capture Furry Surfer Rich and his fat furry dick from every angle and close up as he jerks off! Listen to him moan with pleasure as he cums! Watch this sexy surfer shoot GOBS of thick white goo ALL OVER himself! His sweet man juice BLASTS out of his swollen Cock landing all over his hairy chest and belly and drips down his big balls. Sweaty, sticky and drained, Surfer Rich jumps up to take a second outdoor shower dripping cum as he baths! Lovers of super Hairy men should NOT miss this HOT soapy OUTDOOR SHOWER scene! Furry Rich soaps up his half hard cock and hairy ass cheeks! Watch as he raises his legs to clean his dirty feet and puts his big hairy ass crack into the camera lens! We get a great views of his big ball sack and open hairy hole again as he soaps up his thick hairy ass! Furry Surfer Rich is our new favorite Tan Surfer Boy on the Island! Island Studs has a full stable of Naked Hairy Surfers and Blue Collar men working nude outdoors and jerking off for us in the tropics. Surfer Rich's totally hairy body and BIG friendly smile will excite you. Don't miss his Beefy new furry surfer boy as he strips naked for the first time Hawaii!

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