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The Language of Love

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Category: Hunks
  • Published: October 10, 2013
  • Views: 20029
  • Time: 02:29

Description: When two studs hook up but cant speak to each other because of different languages, there is always one way to communicate to bridge the gap and thats by using the language of love. And, Dominic Pacifico and Ivan Lenko have got that language down pat.So after Marko Lebeau introduced the two to each other, no time was wasted with formalities as the two just got right into kissing, petting, stripping and sucking. First, Dominic was onto Ivans cock while they were still on the couch. Then Ivan showed us just how much his cock sucking talents have improved. Dominic was in boner heaven.We all know that Ivan originally defined himself as straight but curious. In this scene he was definitely more curious than straight as he was totally into Dominic. He admitted as much after the shoot. Ivan is a pretty passionate guy and he always brings that intensity to the set. Its just him in his natural state. But today he was well served as Dominic was equally intense and passionate. After some mutual blow jobs, Dominic moved onto the coffee table where Ivan just dove his stiff tongue and his pierced lip into Dominics ass crack licking and lubing it up for the fucking that our bottom boy was begging for.Seeing Ivan pierce open Dominics ass hole with his dick was hot as hell. Seeing Ivans ripped abs flexing with every fuck was equally hot. Progressively, the guys started talking to each other as they were making out, but each in his own language. Neither one of them seemed to have a problem understanding the other though. They were as one, both in French and in English. After the coffee table fuck, the guys moved to the bed. But just as Ivan was motioning Dominic onto the mattress, Dominic took the bull by the horns so to speak and shoved Ivan up against the wall. Ivan was a bit surprised by the move but he let Dominic take on this dominant streak for a few seconds of kissing, nipple and pit licking. That was short lived though. With an assertive look on his face, he pushed Dominic to the bed, kissed him and then shoved his cock in his bottoms mouth. They then got into some extended 69 action, before Ivan again took over and instructed his fuck toy to get on his back. After teasing Dominics hole with his hard cock and spitting in it, he shoved his dick back in. This was the most intense weve seen Ivan fuck a guy, banging loudly against his ass with every stroke. He wasnt holding anything back. It wasnt long before he had to pull out to shoot as Dominic begged for him to cum in his face. Our American DJ/porn star lapped up Ivans baby batters every drop and just kept licking and sucking on him until he began milking a load out of his own cock. And what a load did he spew out!After massaging Dominics seed into his partners abs, Ivan bent over and kissed his Dominic tenderly as they were both coming down from their high.

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