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Moaning For Ivan A Wish Come True

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Category: Hunks
  • Published: October 17, 2013
  • Views: 10691
  • Time: 02:34

Description: We dont usually do two scenes back to back with the same model, but this was a special case. Ivan Lenko was the chosen one to introduce our new model, Raphal Ducharme, who wanted to start directly with a fuck scene rather than a solo. Since Raphal is gay and a fan of Men of Montral and its hot models we answered his wish to shoot with Ivan Lenko. Raphal is turned on by the virile muscular type of guy. And, in particular, Ivan was the ideal candidate to take a newbie through the ropes as he is so passionate and always attentive to his partners needs.It was a gorgeous fall day In Montreal, so we decided to head to Parc Lafontaine, a beautiful green space in the heart of the city, and we staged a cruisy scenario for the intro, where Marko Lebeau and Ivan would walk past Raphal as he was seated on a park bench watching the ducks and hunks go by. In fact, Parc Lafontaine is known to be a bit cruisy with sun worshipers in the heat of the summer. So this was a fitting locale.Raphal is a 25 y.o. IT guy who was born in Canada but moved to France at an early age, which explains his European accent. He moved back here a year ago to find a job in his field. He had his mind set on giving Ivan a sensual massage to get things going, which is exactly what he did when they got back to the house. Once in the room, he instructed Ivan to get undressed, and Ivan suggested he go to do so. Raphal was definitive no way! So Ivan stayed put and responded with a sensual strip. He was going commando under his cargo pants that day, which made the strip all that more sexy. Once naked, his masseur handed him a towel which he wrapped around his waist, then he laid down on the massage table. Raphal poured a generous amount of oil on Ivan back and started working on those tight muscles. Ivan was moaning with pleasure.After a few minutes, Raphal asked Ivan if he had a problem with him stripping down. Go for it was the response. Sporting only a pair of white CKs, his servicing was generating quite the favorable response from our muscle boy Ivan. It didnt take much time before our masseur pulled off the towel that was covering Ivans ass and dove in to lick his passive recipients ass hole.Raphal peeled down his briefs exposing a nice fat cock. He continued eating Ivans ass and then instructed him to turn over. He started massaging Ivans chest before working his way down to his mans cock. Stroking it while kissing Ivan, he then moved his lips into position to suck on the hardening bone in his hand. Raphals hand and lip service did the trick, giving Ivan a nice boner. Ivan then moved into a sitting position while Raphal kept sucking.The guys kept carrying on, moving sensually from kissing to sucking, to kissing and sucking. Ivan didnt seem to have any trouble handling his partners fat cock, lapping it up and licking his balls with vigour. After all this warm up work, Ivan got his boy to lay down on the table and gave him a good rimming. He surprised Raphal by pulling out a nice clear glass rippled dildo that he stuck up his puckered asshole a few times before working his cock into the waiting orifice.Starting slowly, it wasnt long before Raphal was squirming and moaning each time Ivan shoved his dick up his eager crack. Ivan has come to enjoy pounding a nice tight ass and he did enjoy Raphals as it was quite a tight fit. Our newbie kept squealing and moaning the entire time he was getting his ass busted. And it was obvious that he was going to shoot with a hard dick up there. He gushed out quite a load. Quickly, Ivan just went back to fucking so he could get his own dick close to shooting. On cue, Raphal eagerly jumped off the table and got on his knees to take the load in his face. He was a happy dude.The guys were quite spent after their scene and Raphal was already talking about the next man of Montral he would like to bottom for. Well keep that one a secret for now. But he will be back!

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