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Category: Hunks
  • Published: January 11, 2011
  • Views: 8206
  • Time: 03:54

Description: Once again I have stumbled across another hot southern boy that just makes my mouth water. Dixon is a 22 year old farmer from deep in the south. I talked to him on the phone a few times before he finally was able to make it up to the Lake House. Each time I heard his voice, I just couldn't get enough. Dixon has done a little amateur body building so I knew that he was going to be fun to work with. Dixon's 3 hour drive to the Lake House required him to go right through downtown Atlanta. He gave me a call when he hit Atlanta to make sure that his directions were correct and also to let me know that he was a little nervous because he had never been on a six-lane road before. There is just something about the innocence of these sweet country boys that I just find so sexy. Their proper upbringing just makes them tell it like it is. I just wanted to reach through the phone and give him a big hug. When Dixon finally arrived, I could tell that he was really nervous. He said that he was expecting to do the filming at an office not a house. This was the first time that he had ever considered doing anything like this and he just wanted to make sure that the crew wasn't going to tie him up and take advantage of him. (not that everyone didn't want to). Once we showed him around and walked him through the shoot, he seemed to relax a bit. We decided that we were going to film Dixon in our bathtub. We had just put the new bathroom in and we had been waiting for the right model to crisen it. One look at Dixon and I knew that we had made the right choice. Dixon loved the idea of being filmed taking a bath and he really got into it. As I mentioned, Dixon had done some amateur body building so he was a natural when it came to the photo shoot. We must have taken 500 pictures and I swear that there wasn't a bad one in the bunch. Dixon spends his summers working on the farm helping out his family. Man what I wouldn't give to spend my days watching him work without his shirt on. At 6" tall this country boy is ripped from head to toe. At first glance, he just looks like your average farmer but when he starts flexing his muscles, he transforms into this hot sexy man that just begs attention. Dixon's cock is every bit of 8 inches and he loves to show it off. He has a nice round ass to complete the package. Dixon really got into the video in the bath tub. Watching him stroke his hard suds covered cock and play with his tight hole was one of the hottest videos we have filmed at the Lake House. Don't miss his thick white cum covering his chest and abs. Dixon will definitely be back for more.

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