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  • Birthday: December 23, 0000
  • Current City: Griffin
  • Age: 2018
  • Current Zip/PO code:
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  • Occupation: Painter
  • Relationship: Open
  • Orientation: Bisexual
  • About Me:

    My name is Chris I live in Griffin I just want a fuck buddy and I love to do everything when it comes to sex and I am a virgen I want a guy to man handle like when I say stop he keeps on going I want my ass hurting so bad that I can't seat down I an bi right now but who ever can make me love there sexy dick I will be gay forever and never ask can we have sex you take it from me Everytime I want to be a sex slave you do whatever you want to do to me and take it from me anytime he wants it and who don't care about taking it anywhere like if we outside and we at a party that would just come up in front of all those people and just fuck my brains out in front of them it don't matter I am 29 years old and wants a train ran on me with at least thirty or more guys if you have to tie me down and gag me while all of y'all fuck me when that day comes I will turn gay

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