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We put two hot guys together - one our straight victim, one our bait, to make a straight porn video. Once they’re hot and horny, the producer delivers the bad news - the porn girl is a no show.

Daddy Fan

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Category: Straight Guys
  • Published: February 20, 2016
  • Views: 7228
  • Time: 03:00

Description: Caruso is always happy to see Billy Warren, because he's fun to work with and he's always horny and up for just about anything. And, in this case because he's a big fan of older dudes, daddies, to be more specific. Caruso needs a daddy lover, because he promised a fan of from South Carolina, a daddy lover himself, that we would turn out his older buddy Jake. Jake is actually his best buddy's older brother who had recently moved to south Florida looking for work. So, our site fan, we'll call him 'daddy fan' is obviously gay and Jake has known him since he was a little kid, being the brother of his best friend. But they first become buds when daddy fan's brother goes off to the army. What Jake doesn't know is that daddy fan has had a thing for him since the time he was in his early teens. Daddy fan tells me that he just wants to see the older, more mature Jake have sex, to see him naked, hard and cumming, especially with another guy. If he couldn't have Jake for real at least he could fulfill his fantasy by jacking off to a video of him having sex. He says to Caruso that maybe he would approach him at a later date to really have sex with him, although he doesn't think he has the balls for doing something that extreme. After Caruso hesitantly agrees to do this video, he contacts daddy fan and tells him to tell his friend Jake to call a number that he supposedly found in a Back Page ad 'looking for guys in south Florida who wanted to make $$$ in adult video'. Being short on cash, Jake thanks his buddy, takes the bait and makes the call - the rest is history. Daddy Jake is pretty rough around the edges, and not to be derogatory, he's pretty much a redneck hick. He tells Caruso that he recently broke up with his girl, apparently because he says he isn't sexually adventurous enough. Well, that's all about to change today. Now, you gotta give this video a chance, because it gets hotter and hotter, so we'll skip right into the sex action. Billy is horny as hell and we see his head bobbing up and down like a mechanical toy as he gives Jake his first gay blowjob - Caruso says ''Holy fuck Billy, you're like a machine'', and Billy keeps pumping away with his mouth until Caruso tells them to stand up and compare cocks. They're just about equal in that department. Billy is just a little longer and a lot thicker. This gives Billy the opportunity to lean in and start a make out session with Jake. Jake is really enjoying it, he tells Caruso he really likes kissing, and we see even more of that later. It's now Jake's turn to suck his first cock. He starts off slowly, but before long is sucking cock like a master. Even Billy whose had thousands of blowjobs is moaning with pleasure. Caruso moves the guys on to fucking and it couldn't have come soon enough for Billy who quickly lubes up his tight pink hole and moves into the doggy position. Jake shoves his cock in like it was his exe's pussy and fucks the boy hard. Both guys seem to be enjoying it, but Caruso wants Jake to really plow Billy's hot, little ass and has him get onto his back. Jake penetrates his hole once again and fucks him like crazy, but Billy can't hold out too long and wants to cum. We next see the two making out with lust and jacking off together. Billy blows a huge load first while obviously experiencing a mind blowing orgasm. It's now Jake's turn to get off, Billy sucks his balls as Jake jacks off and we see him have his own mind and body blowing orgasm. Caruso is thrilled with how hot the scene turned out and sends the boys off to the shower as the filming continues in 'After the Shoot'.

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