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Straight devin's muscle fuck

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Category: Straight Guys
  • Published: February 24, 2011
  • Views: 23638
  • Time: 03:37

Description: I can't ever get enough of two beefy studs playing a good ol' game of strip poker. After several rounds of cards, devin is losing more than his shirt, while clayton plays it safe and whips that muscle-hunk's ass. Fortunately for clayton's insatiable prostate-pleasure, they aren't playing for bottom or top. Once i get my camera rolling for the real action, clayton doesn't waste any time grabbing devin's swelling stiffy still in his shorts. Immediately the clothes disappear and devin dives in for a hand, and mouth, at pleasuring clayton's juicy peen. For a straight guy, devin's gotten quite good at blowing other dudes; it must be all the practice i've put him through. Rock hard and hornier than a newly freed prison-inmate, clayton shoves devin back onto the couch and stuffs his pulsating breakfast sausage into an experienced mouth that works devin's cock into a frothing frenzy of saliva and precum. Jaws exhausted from the brutal facefuck triathlon, clayton is lifted like a naughty pomeranian and thrown onto the couch face down with his hungry boy-hole gasping like a goldfish out of water, anticipating devin's tumescent cockhead violating the soft and sensitive folds of his digestive tract. Devin takes a step back before rapidly ramming his throbbing meat stick as deep as it will reach, pulling all the way out and repeating to annihilate clayton's now totally dilated chocolate-starfish. Verbally abusive to match, devin sprays his subservient fuck toy with insults while he bashes clayton's face into the sofa with furious thrust after thrust. Knuckles white and tears spilling from his eyes, clayton is helpless while devin holds him firmly in place terrorizing the hell out of his desecrated bunghole. Growing tired of fucking doggy-style, devin pulls clayton sideways onto the couch and continues fucking the living shit out him. I can't begin to say how much i love watching a rough top devastating a muscular little bottom-boy's bottom. As the minutes wear on clayton takes charge by impaling his sweaty massacred chasm down upon the devin's engorged cock-spear, pushing lube out and down the sides. Clayton definitely knows how to take a man for a ride, as his sweet center of gravity forcefully pulls devin closer and closer towards the cliff's edge. As the inevitable brain-eviscerating explosion thunders through his body, devin rips his trembling fuck stick from clayton's destroyed rectum and explodes a lake of bubbling semen across clayton's chiseled hairy face, like a geyser that had been dormant for a thousand years. Holy-moly, i won't be able to wipe this amazing fuck session from my mind even with years of hypnotherapy.

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