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Cute Austrian Ski Instructor Felix

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  • Published: January 9, 2015
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  • Time: 01:04

Description: Felix is a very cute, polite, innocent and shy, Austrian, Ski Instructor with a smooth, tight, athletic body and an AMAZING, FIRM BUBBLE BUTT from years of sports cycling and climbing the Mountains of Innsbruck! While in Hawaii on an extended Holiday, Felix was hired as one of Island Studs' carpenters to maintain one of the properties used for filming. Watch this unedited LIVE footage as I approach Felix, while he is wearing his glasses, while sanding a door and actually talk this sexy, bronzed, Austrian out of his clothes in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs. Felix hesitantly agrees to remove his shirt and then another article of clothing and then another until his is standing in just his sexy, blue, Austrian underwear! Listen to his adorable Austrian / English accent as he hesitantly negotiates with me, until he is fully nude in front of our cameras! Very nervous and now totally naked, this real European traveler continues to do his chores and then I ask him to do even MORE EROTIC nudist activities and then jerk off! Felix's GIGANTIC Explosive cum shot is NOT TO BE MISSED! This horny Euro lad shoots and explosive load of jizz, 6 feet (almost 2 meters) from his ball sack! What a amazing cum shot recorded by two cameras! All caught on video here! Felix describes himself as, "33 years old, standing 1 meter 70 and weighing 72 kilos". How cute is that accent! Check out his bright, white, smooth, cyclist butt as he resumes his job sanding the door outside in the driveway FULLY nude in the Hot Hawaiian Sun. He is happy to take a break from his dusty, nudist job to pick up fallen Passion Fruit (Hawaiian Lilikoi) in the garden. Watch how nervous he becomes when I put on a straight porno DVD by his job site! His beautiful, Austrian cock surrounded by a full patch of untrimmed, man dick hair, becomes rock HARD in seconds when he sees the action on the porno screen. This video is a totally unrehearsed, REAL, SEXY, STRAIGHT tourist being seduced into HOT, NAKED ACTION which Island Studs delivers so well! To cool off, I suggest for sexy Felix relax in the swimming pool. Feast your eyes on his perfectly formed, firmed, Bubble Butt as his falls asleep on a pool float! Look at all his sexy, Man fur on his inner thighs and ass cheeks! Yummy ass Felix! Island Studs Exclusive Sports Action Cam follows Felix into and underwater as he skinny dips in the pool. Check out his powerful arms as he swims underwater! Our Sports Action Cam gets extreme close up video footage of Felix's hairy ball sac and ass crack as his glides through the warm blue water! I then invite horny Felix to sit on a bench in the garden to jerk off. Still a bit nervous but very horny, Felix begins to enjoy his private JO action. I leave the camera on and leave the area to see what this innocent young man will do all by himself. When I return, I ask Felix more questions about his life. His Austrian / English accent will make you melt! But the best part of this film is Felix's surprising Cum shot! He is BOTH embarrassed AND excited as his cums! 'Ooooh', Felix moans as his starts to cum and rapidly cups his thick, carpenter hand under his throbbing, dick head to catch his own sperm. But Felix can NOT capture his powerful Austrian jizz! Watch all of the thick white goo, PUMP out of this swollen dick head and shoot 6 feet (almost 2 meters) from where he is seated. He squirts 6 feet of cum - three different times - all caught on camera from two different angles! What an AMAZING cum shot! Still rock hard and a bit embarrassed from all the jizz he unloaded, Felix takes a long, naked walk to the outdoor shower...dripping cum along the way. Watch this sexy, Austrian, Ski Instructor take a long shower in the sun with beautiful, belly slapper still hard, sticking out from his body for his entire shower scene. He even soaps up his perfect cock and makes it even more erect in the shower! What a great shower show! We love Felix! Treat yourself to his very special Island Studs episode of a real European visitor seduced in to HOT, NAKED, JO ACTION for the very first time! Thanks Felix for trying something new and jerking off for us all to see! Please come back to the Islands after the snow melts on the Mountains of Innsbruck! Aloha!

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