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Dr Dick and Ashton - Part 1

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Category: Twinks
  • Published: April 3, 2014
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  • Time: 03:00

Description: It was a busy day in the in the clinic and I was making my rounds. I had a new patient named Ashton. I opened the exam door and sitting on the exam table was a really hot 19 year old college boy sitting waiting for me. I introduced myself and asked him what he's doing here in the clinic. He tells me that he wants a subscription of Viagra to have. I basically was a bit in shock that some 19 year old is requesting Viagra. I told him that we don't hand out Viagra like it was candy and that he would have to go through a series of tests before we issue him any pills. With that, I started giving him the basic exam checking his heart, throat and blood pressure. I asked Ashton when was the last time he had a doctors visit and it seem like many years ago...too long. I wanted to make sure his exam was very thorough. After listening to his heart I had him lay down and I lowered the exam table. I palpated his chest working my way down to his pubic area. I unbuttoned his pants and felt around inside his undies. I then had him lift up his hips and removed his pants and then continued feeling around. I then removed his underwear feeling his testicles and palpating the shaft of his penis...I stroked it a few times and he got very hard and throbbing. Ashton seem to enjoy my handjob techniques but I didn't want to make him cum. Since we wanted pills I told him that part of the test to determine if you need Viagra is to test his endurance. I prepared Ashton for electro-stimulation. His dick was very hard and I took the blue straps and slid them onto his penis. One positive and one negative band were now firmly wrapped around his hard cock. I turned on the electro device and turned up the power and steady jolts of electro impulses were now teasing his cock. I felt around his shaft and his dick was nice and firm. As I held onto his cock I can feel it throb and twitch in my hands. I stroked his cock while the electro impulses were teasing his cock. Then I took off the straps and lubed up my hands and wrapped my hands and took a firm grip of his cock as I stroked up & down. His breathing starting to get harder, his stomach was tensing up and he started to moan a bit. As I kept on stroking, he eyes rolled back and he couldn't help himself as the grip of my hands were pounding on his cock and stroking non-stop. His dick head got really fat, and he started cumming fresh streams of cum, spurting out until I stoked every last drop of seamen from his balls. He had some intense orgasm as his body shook. Ashton that it would be that easy and asked for the pills...but I told him he has to make another appointment to see Dr.Phingerphuk next week. Lets see how far Ashton will go to score a subscription of Viagra.

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