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Category: Twinks
  • Published: February 12, 2018
  • Views: 5190
  • Time: 04:22

Description: North Carolina native Landon Vega is flirting with hot blooded Angel Rivera from Texas, chatting about snow and the weather all the while inching closer towards one another. Rivera's game is on and the latin lust bunny takes the bait saying, "you look like you could use some warming up" and invites Vega to his place. The heat is on the moment these two hot latins connect, pulling at each other's clothes and playing a tasty game of tonsil hockey. Angel sets his sites on Landon's love lance and doesn't loose his laser focus once he wraps his warm mouth around the monster. He caresses the king sized cock with gulping good care, eating every inch and even giving the kid's cock a kiss on the head like he's finally found the ONE! (or at least the one for tonight!) Vega returns the favor to see what Rivera is rockin' and finds out the boy is ALSO gifted at each end! Vega asks the boy to hop on for a raw ride and quickly learns Rivera is no novice cock rider. He bounces on Vega's big bone and looks beautiful doing it! The boys flip flop with a spanking in between as Landon's lovely ass eats every inch of Rivera's big rig. Angel slams his bareback bone up into his conquest, owning Landon's loins with every loud smack. The teamwork continues as the guys flip once more with Rivera getting railed legs in the air. Angel's hedonistic head is thrown back in complete ecstasy while he wraps his hand around his pleasure piece to enjoy the fucking to the fullest. His big balls snuggle up towards his throbbing cock and Rivera explodes in a river of pleasure all over his perfect, smooth six pack. Afterwords, he just keeps taking it much to Landon's liking! Vega keeps on slamming the spent sex pot until he aims his humongous hog at Angel's amazing ass. The big boy shoots all over Angel, covering his balls and smooth hole with fresh cream before shoving his schlong back inside the boy and planting a kiss on that pretty face of his.

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