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Room for One More

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Category: Twinks
  • Published: April 28, 2018
  • Views: 13932
  • Time: 06:01

Description: With his roommate gone, Angel Rivera feels restless in the huge house alone, so naturally he has the biggest boner he can find online cum over in the form of dick heavy Kevin Daley to make his "space" feel full. Hungry for Kevin's crazy huge cock, Rivera leads the boy to the bedroom and after a tongue twirling make out session he takes his tongue's talents down south. Kevin's cock is gag worthy, as Rivera quickly finds out while attempting to deep throat the dangerously good dick! The beautiful bronze boner blower gags but goes down HARD with Kevin's dirty talk encouraging him. Angel gorges on the veiny groin till tears of jock joy stream down his fine face. Rivera's roomie Cameron Parks happens home earlier than expected and sneaks in the room to get a raunchy eyeful without his horny housemate seeing him. Daley spies the sex hungry hottie, puts two and two together and gives the guy a knowing nod, waiting for the right moment to put THESE two together! Parks pulls his perfect piece out, knowing it's his golden ticket and cock sure Kevin gives the go ahead. He catches Angel by surprise, but as soon as Rivera looks down at Cam's cock, he stops protesting and the pretty pair start sucking in unison. Hungry for hole, Daley orders the boys to the bed where Rivera gets groin in his gullet and tongue in his tush before Daley decides the dude is wet and ready for his super human hog. The two top dogs trade spots and Rivera gets rammed by roomie for the first (but definitely NOT the last) time! Kevin offers Rivera a ride then lays down as Parks plants his pretty pink pucker right on the ass Olympian's pucker sucker. Daley dominates both boy's bottoms with porn perfect precision. Then, Parks perks up with HIS dirty desire to get dicked by Daley as well.

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