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Blake Mitchell and Leo Frost

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Category: Twinks
  • Published: August 5, 2018
  • Views: 8412
  • Time: 05:41

Description: One of our most popular series, #Helix is back with fan fav's Blake Mitchell and Leo Frost answering your dirty questions and requests from Twitter. The dynamic duo delve deep, answering all your erotic inquiries and never shy away from a raunchy request! They discuss several sultry topics such as sex outside filming, Blake's super hot wrestling past and we even hear about little Leo's one time as a top! The risque requests range from spanking to tickling and REALLY get the ball rolling in this long, hard raw dogger! After an especially sexy spanking, Mr. Mitchell is horned up by his hot handprint branded on Frost's fiercely fuckable fanny. He decides to investigate further and spreads the twink's tail wide open, stroking the smooth circle before breaking the surface as a tasty tease of whats to cum. Your questions and requests ALWAYS get the guys riled up, but this round sends them on a rambunctious rollercoaster ride where Leo gets laid EVERY which way and Blake slings dick like the dom DICKtator of your dreams! The tantric tension builds along the way with "all you can eat" butt and boner buffets, before Blake buries that uncut ass assassin into Leo's loins and annihilates him with every think, uncut inch. Blake dominates the little dude's dick hungry hole, steering him towards a tidal wave of pleasure with his hands around his neck. We're even treated to some delicious dirty talk AND some ass filled acrobatics when Blake bangs the boy mid-air! After that amazing feat, Blake lays back on the bed like the bang boss he is, allowing Leo to bounce on his bone before flipping his fuck toy and bringin' it home! Frost opens like a faucet, flooding his chiseled physique with a piping hot load of liquid fuck. Blake keeps his eyes glued to his guy as he gains momentum before erupting. His rod rockets white hot fuel, nailing Frost right in the face and leaves a lusty trail all the way down to his satisfied schlong. Mitchell takes in the sticky site, cock in hand and still convulsing with pure pleasure before going in for a final kiss.

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