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Sprayed and Punished

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Category: Twinks
  • Published: February 1, 2014
  • Views: 7159
  • Time: 02:24

Description: For a couple of hoodlums out for a good time, a desolate alleyway with a perfect wall for graffiti is the place to be. Nicholas Reed and Asher Hawk met in a diversion class the county court made them attend. They bonded over talk of cigarettes in the boys room, huffing paint fumes, and of course, vandalism with spray paint. Theyve met up tonight at a cool place Nicholas has sprayed before. Asher likes it! A fresh, urban canvas is just the right medium through which both boys can express their creativity. After getting a little warmed up with the paint, Asher notices Nicholas looking at Ashers package. A few glances exchanged with each other and the boys are smooching as they take a break from tagging (spray painting). But then, suddenly, out of nowhere, a grown-up busts them!!! The last thing either of them need is to go back to diversion classes; the instructors breath was horrible! Charlie Harding is groundskeeper for the Shriners Senior Facility, the building the boys were just vandalizing. Charlie is a no-nonsense type of dude, but he has a soft spot for reckless youngsters like Nicholas and Asher. The fact isCharlie used to be a crazy neighborhood boy himself once. Thats why hes teaching them a lesson himself, the old fashioned way, just how he learned. Instead of ratting them out, Charlies having the boys start out by turning his soft spot into a massive, pulsating hard cock. Hes shoving his dick into each of their mouths to show them that graffiti doesnt pay. But hes such a nice guy, he cant help but make it fun for all three of them. Hes having Nicholas suck both his own AND Ashers fat dongs at the same time. Then Charlies taking control of the situation by sliding his incredibly large cock into Nicholass tender hole. Nicholas isnt used to this, but hes enjoying it and certainly learning a valuable lesson. Then its Ashers turn. While Charlie pounds Ashers sweet ass, Nicholas is allowed to slide his dick in and out of Ashers mouth. Its a session of serious punishment. But in the end, Charlie teaches the boys a way they can spray WITHOUT getting in trouble! Enjoy!

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