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  • Birthday: October 26, 1955
  • Current City: troutman
  • Age: 61
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  • Occupation: Tech.
  • Relationship: Single
  • Orientation: Gay
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    Thanks for visiting! Welcome to my page. Feel free to check out my movies and pics I'm here to enjoy seeing all the hottt guys, show off (maybe cause a swelling in ur crotch!) and even bring a smile to your face. We can commiserate over the bs we have to put up with or just chat. Any comments you might like to leave will be read, then either responded to if appreciated or deleted if ur a jerk! LOL. Spiritually, I'm connected to all living creatures (especially men; and cats,dogs) and consider myself a tiny but vital part of the universe. Emotionally, I feel and express the gamut of wanking to pleasure, yours and mine. Physically, I stay in shape and eat well; and am attracted to those who likewise care for themselves. Socially, I'm an introvert who often opens up to friends and "friends I haven't met yet." Sexually, I'm borderline addicted! I'm a top/versatile: I love it all. Generally. (rules are meant to be broken): Psychologically, I have an above-average need to please others and myself, which benefits those I am with as I tend to work harder to please you than please myself. I'm a top, especially if you are shorter than 5'11" with a cute ass I'm a bottom if you're a top stud. I flip if we are similar in ht/wt or simply infatuated, horny fucks I'm a bottom if you're a very good friend. While i enjoy HAVING friends and BEING a friend, i still feel a bit odd about approving 'friends' here who never speak to me; but i'll do it anyway (mostly because i like showing off too much!) that is UNLESS you don't have any pic up of you. So to you invisible ones: sorry, i won't befriend someone who i cannot even see. (I don't mind if you put up a pic of the dildo you just pulled out of your ass! Something!) So, the bar is pretty low here, boys! Enjoy this great site! I AM!

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