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  • Birthday: March 27, 1945
  • Current City: north burbs of chicago
  • Age: 72
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  • Relationship: Single
  • Orientation: Gay
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    I am a real dirty old man. I love seeing other old men playing, jerking off, sucking, pissing. As you can see from my photo, I really love white on black scenes. The one bent over is a guy I\'ve met and have sort of taken on as my play thing. I get off on using his ass and mouth as I see fit, filling both with my white cock, fingers, foot, piss, cum and whatever else I want! I send him out to \"service\" my other old buddies and from time to time, I\'ll be posting some vids of him completing his \"assignments\"! That being said, I could really use some help here. If there are other old guys who\'d like to help me by using my buddy and maybe getting some video of it, I\'d love it! Chicagoland here, just drop me a line!

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