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  • Birthday: June 26, 1987
  • Current City: talisay city
  • Age: 30
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  • Occupation: homeboy
  • Relationship: Single
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    i am 5\'8 1/2\'\' in height, midbuilt, chinito, fair complexion.. love sports... loves alternative music.. i drink (beer) not everytime... can\'t go out without a gel/wax in my hair... my life is no fairytale who always end up in a happy ending.. there are so many stories behind my smile: my tragic lovelyf, my fathers death, my childhood insecurities.. i admit i am a hopeless romantict person.. always expecting for a love but always end up being broken and left out.. but it\'s ok.. they will get theirs eventually! though i am strict but i am a sweet person. gutsy but mostly im silent. unpredictable but I JUST HAVE THeSe DEEP THOUGHTS.... WEIRD? *just never leave me a promise.. coz ill hold on that though it was broken over and over again but ill still believe in that no matter what! u want to know me? think first.. don\'t expect too much from me.. the way i look , including my attitude and the way i behave.. im tired of those people who expect more than i can be and thought that i am.. simply if u want me then embrace how ugly can i get and can becomE...

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    so close

  • Favorite Music:

    you are not alone

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