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  • Birthday: October 10, 1976
  • Current City: Chicago
  • Age: 41
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  • Occupation: Self-employes
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    Most guys who get to know me think I\'m kinda of sex-crazed. Some call me a \"cum hound.\" That\'s OK with me. I probably am. I just don\'t worry about shit like that and if you do, I\'m the wrong guy for you. I\'m likely to say or do whatever cums into my head and that can get kinky. But underneath all of that, day to day I\'m a responsible guy who owns his own business, works hard, pays my bills and like to get off. I have a boyfriend of 10 years who I love more than anything. We play a little with select friends and I like to help guys get off online. It\'s like a hobby for me. I write gay porn. Really good gay porn. Check it out at justusboys. It\'s in the forum area in Gay Stories section. Just look for my latest project, \"I Thought I Knew.\" I like to make people laugh and feel good about themselves. And as I said, I like to get guys off. It\'s a special talent.

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