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  • Birthday: April 16, 1965
  • Current City: bath
  • Age: 52
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  • Relationship: Single
  • Orientation: Gay
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    anal virgin with very good o levels. i havent sucked cock for years now and really miss it, i need someone to break my bum in and to be my lover. i think that with the right guy i may switch to being gay only as i do so love cock. now im nearly not a virgin. i bought a nice butt plug, its cock shaped and is five inches long. it is quite fat and can be inflated. i was a bit worried that it might not go in, but after some anal eazeing spray and slowly sitting on it ive managed to get it all the way in. ive now fucked myself three times with it and my bum is hardly hurting atall, well its not really hurting but i can feel where it was sliding in and out of me last night. i do like it alot and know that i do want to be a bottom. if the guy who finally fucks me leaves me like this i think that ill go with men from then on, i really want to be able to take a really big cock. mmm i have been fucking myself silly lately and have bought some nice life like vibros, i do like the vibrations when i fuck myself, i am going to go out crusing for some cock tonight, hope i find someone to fuck me nice and hard. ive changed my orentation to gay now, after last night i know i only want to get fucked from now on, my first top lover was a black guy, it was so hot, cant wait to see him again

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    porn esp gay and shemale

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