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  • Birthday: September 22, 1972
  • Current City: Live in the country
  • Age: 45
  • Current Zip/PO code:
  • Gender:
  • Occupation: writer
  • Relationship: Single
  • Orientation: Gay
  • About Me:

    I tend to think of myself as average, though I\'ve been told different. Lots of interests -both in life and sex. I think I am mostly a bottom -always thought 100%, but I\'m sure I could do more with the right guy. Willing to try most anything.

  • Favorite Movies & Shows:

    The Vampire Diaries is my favorite show! Also love Castle, Hawaii 5-0, Nikita, Supernatural. Some sitcoms, too. Hate, hate, hate \'reality\' television.

  • Favorite Music:

    Lady Gaga. Roxette. E Nomine. The Veronicas. At least, that\'s what I\'m in the mood for right now. Also like rock, hard rock, some country, dance.

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