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We put two hot guys together - one our straight victim, one our bait, to make a straight porn video. Once they’re hot and horny, the producer delivers the bad news - the porn girl is a no show.

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Straight Scott Bait Colt Rivers

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Category: Hunks
  • Published: September 23, 2019
  • Views: 3671
  • Time: 03:19

Description: 'Caruso pairs Colt up with hot and horny Scott. Scott calls himself a man whore and says he loves sex! As he tells Caruso what all he likes, he can't help but to keep rubbing his cock! After watching some pussy porn, Caruso steps in to deliver the bad news that the girl can't make it. With hard cocks and no other options, Colt convinces Scott to let him suck his cock. When he gets too close to Scott's ass, Scott pulls him back up. Colt says "you never had a chick play with your ass before?" and Scott replies "yeah a chick. Not a guy!" and then pushes Colt back down on his cock! Next it's Scott's turn to suck dick. Colt coaches him through and has Scott gagging on his hard cock! "Watch them teeth newbie" Colt says as he starts to face fuck Scott. After a while Caruso steps in and tells Scott to turn around. Scott is nervous but he listens to the boss and turns around. Colt moves in and shoves his tongue in Scott's tight hole! Colt is so turned on by Scott's sexy bubble butt that he convinces him to let him stick his dick in. Colt puts a condom on and Scott gets in position to sit on it. "Wait, wait wait! You want to lube it up first!" says Colt. Scott lubes up and fingers himself for a bit before sitting down on Colt's hard rod. Scott moans and groans as Colt starts to fuck him. Colt fucks him hard until he can't take it anymore. Colt pulls out and both guys start to jack off until Scott blows his load. Colt bends down and slurps up some straight cum before leaning back while Scott jacks his cock with his manly feet!

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