Not bad for the first time - Gay Porn - Video: 110993

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We put two hot guys together - one our straight victim, one our bait, to make a straight porn video. Once they’re hot and horny, the producer delivers the bad news - the porn girl is a no show.

Not bad for the first time

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Category: Straight Guys
  • Published: August 12, 2013
  • Views: 33774
  • Time: 03:04

Description: Isaac, the really cute 22 year old former high school wrestler with the hot body and big, almost 9'' cock, is back for his third time. On his first visit to, Isaac had no idea what he was in for. He lied to his girlfriend about doing porn, he thought he was going to be fucking some pussy. But, as it always goes here, the only thing he got to fuck was the hot, hungry, pulsing asshole of a horny gay dude. Long story short, his girlfriend finds out and watches the video. Instead of being angry, she's totally turned on and their relationship dynamic changes when her kinky side comes out. Oh yeah! She was now going to push him as far as possible and to that end, she sets up a second scene with Caruso to have her boyfriend fuck HER best gay friend and then turn the tables and have her gay friend fuck her boyfriend. Check out the video, it's very hot. Well, by now Isaac is totally into any kind of sex, straight, bi, gay - if it feels good, then do it. He loves to bottom and his long time girlfriend loves to watch. So, it was no surprise to Caruso when Isaac agrees to go from being the Straight boy to the Bait boy. To that end we hooked him up with a hot straight newbie, Murphy an Italian boy from Philly. Murphy is a sexy, beefy muscular boy with brown hair and green eyes. He's super excited to be doing his very first porn video. He's so new at it that he when Caruso asks him about doing home video or photos, he finds out that the boy never even shot a 'selfee' for a hook up site. Anyway, the scam plans are set, Isaac for sure knows the deal - Murphy thinks he's going to be fucking some hot female model and we have to convince him to fuck and suck Isaac instead. Caruso has both boys strip down, show off their bodies, watch porn and jack their cocks. These two are so hot together that the room literally reeks of sex and male hormones - in a real good way. Oh no! The girl didn't show. She had some type of 'oversized dildo accident'. Only one thing Caruso can do, offer the boys double the money to fuck around with each other instead. When Murphy hears this he says ''I've never been with a guy - that's disgusting!''. But, Caruso and and a super horny Isaac convince Murphy that this is the porn business, you gotta go with the punches...after all it's just sex. Murphy buys it, lock, stock and barrel and Isaac wastes no time in stroking the straight boy's cock. Of course Murphy has to return the favor. The same with Isaac's blow job and Murphy returns the cocksucking favor with gusto. You can see the dude is really enjoying it and he's pretty damn good at it too! Caruso had to ask him to stop, so that he could get to the fucking before Isaac went bananas. Issac is so ready, he just sits right down on Murphy's rock hard cock and slides it in up to the hilt - that's just how it goes when you get a lot of practice with toys. By the time Murphy turns Isaac over on his back and starts fucking him hard like he does with some slutty pussy, the boy repeatedly groans out ''Oh yeah - fuck me!'' over and over. Murphy doesn't disappoint, that boy hammers Isaac's butt while he jacks his big 8.5'' cock and finally shoots a huge load of cum all over his torso. When Murphy sees this, he's a bit shocked and asks Isaac ''That feel good?'' to which Isaac answers ''yeah'' and Murphy exclaims ''Holy shit!''. Murphy keeps fucking him hard and finally pulls out and shoots his own big load onto Isaac's chest. As the guys come down from their sex high, Caruso asks Murphy ''So how was that?'', ''Not bad for the first time.'' We enthusiastically agree!

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