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We put two hot guys together - one our straight victim, one our bait, to make a straight porn video. Once they’re hot and horny, the producer delivers the bad news - the porn girl is a no show.

The Agreeable Guy

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Category: Straight Guys
  • Published: January 24, 2016
  • Views: 16395
  • Time: 03:24

Description: We're very proud of all the Gay4Pay porn stars we've created over the years at And, Brett Bradley and his 9'' beast of a cock is one of the guys who became a prolific gay porn star. We love porn virgins here at and Brett was just that when he arrived here three years ago - a straight, Ft Lauderdale, redneck, pussy hound with a ripped, fatless body. Brett had never done a porn video of any kind and he let us know pretty quickly that not only had he never had sex with another guy, but that he'd never even jacked off with a buddy - never even thought about doing anything with a guy and never had a girl play with his hole nor has he ever thought about it or put anything including his finger in his butt. Well, that's the old Brett. Today, we have the 'new and improved' Brett, a dude who loves to suck cock and fuck another guy's tight butt. And, he's here to do what we do best at, make straight guys do gay things. He may yet help us turn out another hot Gay4Pay porn star today. What we didn't know was just how easy a job turning out our new straight boy, Lance, would be. Lance answered Caruso's ad for male models who want to do straight porn with hot girls. Yeah, they're still falling for the same bait ad. Right off the bat, Lance admits to Caruso that he doesn't get as much pussy as he'd like to, maybe because he's on the shy side. So, Caruso asks him about his experiences fucking pussy. ''Are you kinky'' Caruso wants to know, ''yeah, I'm kinky''. So, Caruso asks if he uses toys on the girls, and he does, but also tells Caruso that girls have used toys on him, he mainly likes anal beads, small ones. When Caruso asks him if he does a threesome would he rather do it with two girls or with a buddy and a girl, he says ''there's lots of ways I'd do it''. As Caruso listens to his answers, he's thinking that Lance, this seemingly agreeable 26 year old cutie with a hot body to match, might just be willing to give gay a shot. So, he has the guys strip down for the boner test, especially to make sure that Lance isn't too nervous to perform. But, both guys work up an erection in no time at all. Caruso asks Lance ''so what do you think about Brett's cock'', ''it's big'', the wide eyed straight boy tells Caruso. ''Are you a bit curious'' Caruso asks, ''a bit'' says Lance. And, next thing you know Caruso is skipping right past ''the girl didn't show part'' of his normal routine and just comes out and offers Lance twice the money to have sex with Brett. This kid is so agreeable, that it takes just a minute when Caruso asks ''you wanna touch that, don't you'', ''sure, why not'' is Lance's reply and next we see him him stroking Brett's big dick, and he seems to be digging it. Well, this turns into a mutual jack off with some making out, and eventually Lance receiving his first blow job from a dude. Lance then gets down to return the favor and starts sucking the top of Brett's huge cock, but he soon masters the entire length...''you're a natural'' Caruso says, ''how is it'', Lance replies ''It's good''. ''Would you put it in your ass'' asks Caruso, ''yeah'' answers the very agreeable guy. ''Are you sure you like girls'' Caruso inquires, ''I'm open minded'' says Lance. And, that he is! Once the boys are ready, Brett begins to penetrate Lance's virgin butt ''you're really tight'' says Brett. Lance jumps and pulls Brett's cock out, it was too much, too fast. But, on the second attempt he takes it like a champ and when asked, he tells Caruso that it feels good. After Brett pummels that boy's bubble butt in doggy position, Caruso suggests that it would feel even better if he flipped on his back. Brett continues the fuck in missionary style and pounds the boys ass. Watch carefully as Lance starts pulling on Brett's thigh when he wants it harder and deeper. Then, all of a sudden, with barely a whimper, Lance blows his load all over his belly. Brett pulls out and jacks his monster cock as he badly needs to nut. Caruso asks Lance if it's okay for Brett to cum on him ''yeah'' says the agreeable guy as he watches this gay porn star jack off between his legs and shoot his load of cum onto his belly. Covered in two loads of spunk, Caruso sends Lance along with Brett off to the shower. Keep watching as they return for 'After the Shoot' and hear what Lance thought about his first gay sex experience!

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